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September 2020 Petitions

Please pray for the special intentions of those below


Please keep my niece Deb and my grand nephew Ernest in your prayers. Deb has a possible lung disease that could take her life in 4 6o 6 years. Ernest is in end stages of melanoma cancer.
Please keep me in your prayers as well, as I go through a surgery on the 6th. That is for a small cancer in my left breast. Thakfully I will not have to go through chemo or radiation, just have to take medication to block estrogen, which apparently feeds the cancer.


I just  spoke to our friend, his name is Carm, he may need hip surgery in a couple of weeks if the shot he got this morning does not work.  This is the last of 4 shots he has received for this problem. He has had a history of heart problems and was in a major car accident 4 years ago New Years Eve which almost took his and his wife's life.  I ask that you pray this shot will work otherwise he will have to go through hip surgery at age 78 and with his health history that will not be so great.

Blessings and Thank you


Respectfully requesting miracle healing prayers for my daughter Amanda, who has been experiencing vesticular, debilitating migraine headaches. These are accompanied by dizziness, vertigo, nausea and balance problems. She's been to more than a dozen doctors who are unable to identify and cure the cause of these headaches. She is also requesting prayers to help her in finding a new home that is without mold or toxins. And for help in selling her screenplay of a female epic history, empowering women and for protection.
Her husband Ben requests prayers for the launch of astronauts in October.

Donna MacLachlan, NJ

Please pray for my cousin John. He has had a reoccurrence of cancer. The doctors are considering a stem cell transplant.

Thank you,
God Bless. 

Joanne, Brick NJ

Our sister Viola has asked for prayers for her neighbor’s son-in-law Mark who is undergoing a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy. He has developed a fever and doctors think he may have pneumonia.

Thank you,
God Bless

Joanne, Brick NJ

Praying for a couple, Bob and Joanne. Special intentions.

Joanne, Brick NJ

For my son Joseph, who lives in Yosemite Valley and has been on furlough, displaced from his housing and feeling the effects of the fires. I ask that Joseph be surrounded with faithful friends and strangers that will have a positive influence on him, encourage him and guide him to our Lord. I also pray for all the others in Yosemite, that God protect them, keep them safe, strong, and bless them. Jesus, I trust in You!

Evelyn, Freehold NJ

Please pray for a railroad employee of over 40 years, Michael Spareacello. He was attacked on the train and both shoulders are broken. He spent two days in the hospital. A person got on the train with a bike and was blocking the aisle with it. When a fellow conductor asked him to move the bike the person would not do it. Then Micheal went over to ask him to move it, the fellow got violent because he did not like the way Michael addressed him so he beat Michael up. The person was arrested and charged with a Federal crime. Michael is the husband of our sister Maureen Lago's Godchild.

Blessings, Theresa

Theresa, Ocean NJ

My friend Gail has asked for prayers as her son, daughter-in-law and 4 children are in jeopardy as their house is in the line of the fires in California. The house has suffered some damage as a result of the fires. The two daughters were returning home from college to help their parents vacate the area, however, the police will not let them in as it is too dangerous an area. The parents are Christopher and Cara. The children are Brady, Reilly, Cassidy and Mackenzie.

Thank you and blessings, Theresa

Theresa, Ocean NJ