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November 2022 Petitions

Please pray for the special intentions of those below

Some very special prayers are needed for a little girl named Presley. She is 2 months old and everyday is a gift from God. She has been fighting since birth to stay alive. She has an incomplete/ unattached lymphatic system and her body builds fluid constantly. She is in C.H.O.P. ( a children's hospital in Philly). Though her prognosis isn't promising, it's possible, ( with God, All things are possible). The Dr.'s are planning a risky but necessary operation in early December if they can keep her infection free, ( she has already had a couple). I'm  not clinical enough to describe the surgery but basically to create and attach  what's needed for her survival. I'm asking for prayers she is a living miracle and testament to all of God's great mercy and gifts. Prayers for her family with a 2 year old, strength and faith during this time. Prayers for God's guidance of knowledge, skill, and compassion for the medical personnel treating her. Prayers for peace & gratitude regardless of the o
utcome. God's will be done.

Thanks. Sorry so long but more prayers are needed.

My granddaughter Katie after just having had her second baby last month is experiencing seizures again and it may be that her brain tumor is back. Please dear Jesus be merciful to this beautiful young mother that has a 15 month old and a one month old baby. Bring her healing and peace. Please take care of this beautiful little family Lord.
Marge L.

Please keep Charlene in prayer as she will be undergoing surgery.

Thank you,
God Bless!

Please pray for Ava C 3 years old. To heal her condition and to find the right treatment.

Thank you,
God Bless!

Please pray for Rafael who is 3 months old. He has Respiratory Syncytial Virus and is in ICU.

Thank you,
God Bless!

I am asking for prayers for my father-in-law, Jerome Gries, who is entering into palliative/hospice care ASAP. The doctor says he is an extremely sick man. He is 91 and has lived a good and faithful life.
Our trust is in God's plan, love and mercy. Please pray for Jerome and our family at this difficult time.
With peace and love,
Deb Gries