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July 2021 Petitions

Please pray for the special intentions of those below


My Sisters in Christ I am asking for prayers for the niece of our former Associate Pastor at Mother of Mercy Parish, Fr George. She has had brain surgery for a tumor, however, her conditions worsened. Sona will be seeing her surgeon for consultation. Please keep her in prayers.

Theresa Addeo

Terry Stone is in the hospital in Philly, still having pains in legs. They thought it was the medication but now they don’t know! Cannot walk much and has been falling, also heart rate is out of control so they are treating her for AFIB. Checking her heart. When she is released from hospital they want her to go to rehab in Philly for her legs and breathing therapy! Sacred Heart of Jesus, please send your love & mercy to Terry. Blessed Mother Mary please send your mantle of love over her and all who attend to her! She is going thru a battery of tests.

Love  & Prayers, Patricia

Theresa, My sister Dorothy was rushed to the hospital just now with breathing problems, she has one collapsed lung and now her right lung has developed pneumonia, she is only breathing with 30% of her lungs, she has been in and out of hospitals for the past year! Please Pray. Patricia

So happy to hear “we’re back”I’ve been thinking and praying for all of you. I recently had major back surgery and very happy to have something to look forward to.
God Bless!
Barbara Scheliato
Please keep Barbara in your prayers for continued healing from her recent back surgery.!

Dearest Jesus please be with the doctors and all medical personal that will be involved with Katie’s delivery. Please keep the baby safe and healthy and let the surgery go well. Please secure Katie’s recovery so that at the proper time they may deal with the growth in her brain. Lord God you have the power to make it go away. Lord we trust in you-put our faith and hope you, we thank you for all your blessings in Jesus name amen. Love Marge.

Terry Stone, who has Melanoma stage three, is in the hospital to be tested for blood clots. She has been having pains in her legs and difficulty breathing! Sisters in Christ, please pray for her today! She is also having trouble walking.

Love & Prayers, Patricia