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January 2022 Petitions

Please pray for the special intentions of those below


Update on Bonaventure’s Grandpa Pete.

Pete has passed.

Thank you for all the prayers for Pete and Bonaventure. Pete is baby Bonaventure’s Grandpa. God rest his soul. I’m sure Pete offered all for Bonaventure. 


UPDATE— Bonaventure just got out of surgery: Surgery went well. 7 hours and the doctor is happy with how it came out. They attached his small intestine to his liver to be the duct so it can pass the bile. Now he needs to start excreting bile with the new set up he has.
Yvonnne U

UUPDATE— Also, just an update. Bonaventure is already passing gas. So hopefully he can start eating soon. So passing gas has become our good news!
Yvonne U

Please pray for a little newborn named Bonaventure who was born with a rare disease Billary Atresia. He is undergoing major surgery tomorrow. And please pray for his grandpa Pete who was just diagnosed with a tumor on his pancreas they believe is cancerous. There is so much suffering right now. This family also battled severe Covid not too long ago. They are a very holy family. But we serve a mighty God!

Yvonne U

Hi, I received an urgent call from a dear friend Nydia again asking for prayers for her husband Ted. Ted has had several heart procedures recently and I have asked you to pray for him. Up to now he has been doing well. Ted has a serious bleed and his counts are all out of wack. She brought him to the hospital where he was admitted.  She is very upset and feels helpless as she was not allowed to stay with him. Please keep Ted in your prayers.