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December 2022 Petitions

Please pray for the special intentions of those below

I just received an emergency request from Marge Loenser, her granddaughter Katie, the one we have been praying for, who just had her second child a couple of months ago and has the cancerous brain tumor, is being  flown up to Robert Wood Johnson.  Her brain is swelling due to the cancer.  This is an emergency situation, please storm Heaven with prayers. Marge is beside herself as we all would be, please pray for her as well. My heart and prayers go out to Katie and her family.

Also, yesterday, while in the pharmacy , I met a young women, Lisa, who was just told she is approved to give her mom Bianca one of her kidneys.  Please keep them in prayer.

Another is a friend of my sister, a young women named Emily, who has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor at the base of her skull, it is attached to the spine.  She has been taken up to a hospital in Montreal for possible removal of the tumor.

It seems when it rains it pours. Please ask our Lord Jesus Christ to have mercy on these women and to guide the physicians and medical staff for successful treatments for all.


Please pray for Sofia, a preemie who is still in the hospital with some medical issues. Also, please pray for her first time parents and all the medical staff who are taking care of her.

Thank you,
God Bless

Please pray for Beth Simpson of St Rose moms group. She had surgery for colon cancer a few weeks ago. Just got an email she may not live thru the week. All things are possible with God.
Thank you. God bless.

Please keep Eleanor in prayer for special intentions.

Thank you,
God Bless